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The Legend of Thanatos Tower and The Endless Tower Part 1 [Ragnarok Online Fanfiction]

Thanatos Tower!
The Mage-Knight Thanatos battled the demon Morroc for ten days and ten nights in the southern provinces of Midgard. The destruction left in their wake desolated the area and turned it into what is presently called the Sograt Desert. After this climactic battle, he sealed Morroc in an underground cavern and placed a seal on him so that he would never rise again. Reinforcing this seal was a castle built upon his tomb, enchanted within its walls, ancient spells and powerful wards that kept the powerful demon restrained. Thanatos disappeared thereafter, never to be seen again.

In time settlers returned to the area and built a new settlement around the castle, and they named their town after the Demon sealed there and was henceforth named the desert town of Morroc. As for the Mage-Knight Thanatos, no man knew what befell him.

Until now.

Several journals found inside a mysterious tower in the Central Continent provided new light as to what happened to one of Midgard's most powerful heroes.

Following the sealing of Morroc, Thanatos fled his homeland, haunted by the memories of his failure to save his family and friends. He headed east, through the jungle, in search of solace and isolation. There he was found by a young Knight by the name of Sieger, a loyal vassal of Payon's emperor and General of the Payon Military.

Young Sieger pulled him out of his isolation and brought him back the joy of friendship. Thanatos became good friends with Sieger and a man named Krothen, the Emperor's closest adviser. He decided to put down his sword forever and settled down for a while.

It was during the third year of his stay at Payon that a grave thing happened. The emperor fell ill, and seeing an opportunity, the ambitious Krothen tried to take advantage of this and staged a coup. He failed, however, but not before killing the emperor. Sieger, grieved by the betrayal of his friend, and the death of the man he considered his second father, rode out in a rage and tracked down the traitor to a strange tower deep in the central continent. Thanatos rode after him, but he was no tracker, and found the tower one day later than Sieger.

It was a tower shrouded in red mist and had the stench of demons about it, but Thanatos knew his friend was
in danger, and remembering his past, swore to do everything he could to save Sieger. He climbed up the tower in haste, battling demons and corrupted angels along the way. He was on the door of the final floor when he felt something inside him break.

Upon opening the final door, Thanatos stood at the top of the tower, and his eyes met a sight most grim. His friend Sieger, with a claw through his chest, was dying in front of his eyes; mauled by a friend who had mutated himself into a demon in his greed for power. Krothen had killed Sieger.

Thanatos snapped at that moment, and he did something that would damn him for all eternity. Using his magic in an unconscious burst of rage, he summoned the most powerful demon he could and elicited the power of Muspelheim's ruler, the Demon Lord Surtr. He revived Sieger first, knowing that Surtr's burning essence would flow into him until he was overwhelmed with an unstoppable rage.

He was sucessful in healing Sieger, however the rage overwhelmed him soon after and Thanatos rampaged and tore apart Krothen in his fury. Krothen had become immortal however, and could not die however much he was obliterated. Krothen saw he was outmatched and used his will to teleport his remains away from the rampaging Thanatos. Thanatos grabbed his spine before he got away however, and robbed the dismembered Krothen of his mobility, magical or otherwise, forever.

Lacking a visible target, Thanatos turned to Sieger who had regained consciousness. He raised his sword to strike, but could not. For a moment he regained control of his rage, and in a last act of sanity, asked his friend to kill him with Krothen's spine, which was the only thing that could harm him in his state.

Sieger picked up Krothen's bony spine, and its magic reacted to him and formed a large, jet-black, broadsword made of bone. Tears in his eyes, he slashed through his friend's body. The magic of Krothen's spine split apart Thanatos' remaining vestiges of self.

His Despair, which broke him down to nothing
His Misery, which tore him apart piece by piece
His Agony, which ate at his last vestiges of sanity
His Hatred, which consumed his reason

These vestiges of Thanatos formed into avatars of power, roaming the tower relentlessly, preventing anyone from reaching the top. Thanatos' memory itself tore from his body and formed a living spirit of power, retaining all his skills and abilities including that of Surtr's.

However, without his negative emotions to feed upon, Surtr's violence was restrained, and Sieger was able to seal Thanatos' memory at the top of the tower, protected from his other avatars by the magic of the tower itself.

As for Thanatos' body, Sieger took it with him down the tower and buried it somewhere hidden. The journal found inside Thanatos Tower gave no mention of his final resting place, and it remains a mystery even today.

As for Sieger, he was never found again after that, and the journal tells no more.

To Be Continued...

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  1. nice story as i can say... it makes me want to know more about thanatos when i play RO ^^