Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Legend of Thanatos Tower and The Endless Tower Part 2 [Ragnarok Online Fan-fiction]

Three years after the discovery of the Thanatos Memoirs, another similar Memoir was found by an adventurer inside a huge tower sitting on a tiny island due east of Alberta. The adventurer could not explain how he came to be in possession of the documents however, as he seemed to have lost his memory. The manuscript, on the other hand, can tell us this much:

After losing his friend to the darkness, Sieger sought a way to end the cause of his misery, which was Krothen. He trained for 20 years in isolation after that, getting stronger and stronger and gaining mastery of his twin blades  Alvhan of the Sealing and Elkhan of the Banished.

Each day during those years only hatred and despair consumed Sieger and drove him forward. He was so bent on vengeance that his blades reacted to him.

Corrupted by his Hatred, Elkhan of the Banished burned red, and manifested an aura so sinister it appeared to burn Sieger's body with an unholy flame when he weilded it.

Tainted by his Despair, Alvhan burned blue with the chill of misery, entwining Sieger's body in a cold embrace that manifested in a chilly fire that froze the very air around him.

At that moment, Sieger knew what had happened to him. It was the very thing that Thanatos described having happened to him during his fight with Morroc. His emotions were fueling magic, and consuming him. Having no inherent magical ability however, Sieger could not resist its corruption, and had to constantly hold on to his blades and use their magic to preserve his sanity.

Thus began Sieger's crusade against Krothen. Having mastered his Rage and Despair and embraced it, Sieger named himself 'Naght Sieger', the Conqueror of the Darkness. He journeyed to the Tower east of Alberta, where he knew Krothen to be hiding. He still held on to Krothen's spine, and it knew its body was near.

The inside of the tower had become a fortress in those 20 years. Krothen, unable to move, unable to relocate his mangled body, was forced to fortify his existence with demon summoning. The tower was filled with these, and all imaginable evil gathered there under Krothen's command.

Sieger strode forward nonetheless, slaying demons thoughtlessly and rising up the tower until he almost scraped the sky. It was not until he was high up in the tower that he realized all the demons he had slain were collecting inside his enchanted blades. It was too late, and the demons' souls had begun fusing with his.

He could barely retain his sanity even as he came to confront Krothen, repressing the demonic influence with sheer force of will.

Their battle did not last too long. Sieger, amplified by the demonic souls and his own power, merely banished all of Krothen's magic with Elkhan, and struck him down with Alvhan to seal his soul. Krothen's soul then fused with Sieger's, leaving the immortal husk of bones behind.

No further accounts were written after that...and it would be unwise for the travelers to see firsthand what had become of Krothen, Sieger, and Thanatos; considering the rather formidable peril each of their tombs hold.

It is also unclear how exactly that one traveler had managed to go so high in the tower to get the memoir, for it had been written and signed by Sieger himself in his last moments

It would have been a greater mystery, and it is, since that same traveler vanished himself after delivering the documents.

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