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Paleo Commission

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Do you want to know the secret to good health and healthy eating? My name is Timmy Rico and I have been a diet enthusiast for the past 20 years. I have read hundreds of books on all sorts of different diets, advised countless people on good nutrition and healthy eating, and assisted in writing a few books on the subject myself. Of all the books that passed under my gaze, one truly stood out among the rest: The Paleo Book.
A superb book in terms of content, it offers a convincing and concrete guide on eating where you not only lose weight, but better your life in the process! Its instructions are so easy, even a child would have no problem getting the most out of the Paleo Diet. A good Paleo Book will pave the way for you to improve your lifestyle, promote health, lower the risk of Diabetes II, and even decrease cholesterol levels without the gnawing food cravings!
In my last twenty years as a diet enthusiast, I have gained a vast knowledge about diets: what works, what doesn’t; what is easy to stick to, what may prove challenging to follow. As a diet enthusiast, it is my goal to spread the word about good diets in order to help as many people as possible, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you. Free of charge!
So feel free to browse this site for more information on the Paleo Book, and the unique and healthy meal plan it offers. Don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE Paleo mini-course as well, a result of 20 years of intensive study on different eating plans, chemicals, and food production processes used in making our everyday food.
Give yourself a better life. Try Paleo, try Health.

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New to the Paleo Diet and can’t figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating? Most would agree that there are many conflicts as to what is, and isn’t Paleo, but fear not! This article will give you a brief, but detailed, food list for Paleo Diet so you can start eating and living healthy as well!
Let’s start with the basics. What does the usual Paleo Diet include? As a general rule, the Paleo Motto says: “If your ancestors didn’t eat it – then you shouldn’t either”. This philosophy stems from the eating habits of the Palaeolithic or Cave Men, who were by and large, hunter-gatherers.
So this means to start on the Paleo Diet, there are several categories of food you’ll have to keep your eye on:
Lean Meat - A top choice for the Paleo. These consist of meat with little to no fat content: Turkey, Bison Sirloin, Skinless Chicken, and Venison are all examples of lean meat. This type of meat is high in protein and promotes body tissue repair and muscle build-up. If you’re still hesitant about the meat you’re buying, avoid the ones that look greasy or have yellow linings, as those are most definitely fat deposits, which we want to avoid.
Eggs - Considered a high energy source for the Paleo. We want to keep the eggs at a maximum of six times a week however, and not all at once! These small but formidable poultry products pack a ton of nutrients in a small package, and can do more harm than good if taken in excess. For your preference, you can try Duck, Goose, or Chicken Eggs of the Omega-3 variety.
Organ Meat - Simply meaning meat from the organs of animals: Livers, Tongues, Marrow, and Sweetbread. Although we want to avoid marrow for those with chronic hypertension, as this will increase blood pressure when eaten. The others are good to go for everyone, and in particular the liver of any animal is rich in iron, important to healthy blood and circulation.
Game Meat – As any experienced hunter will tell you, wild animals, or Game, are highly devoid of fat in their bodies, preferring to concentrate them in one place for storage or hibernation, such as an Alligator’s Tail or a Bear’s Skin, which are easily removed. Once devoid of the unwanted fatty areas, Game can be harvested for an abundance of lean meat, which by some, is better than domesticated lean meat in terms of nutrients. Recommended are the meat of snakes, bear, alligator, wild boar, turkey, deer, and other wild animals. Make sure to get meat fresh from the hunt!
Fish/Shellfish – The main diet of our coastal ancestors. Fish and Shellfish bring a lot of important minerals from the sea and onto our tables. In particular: the mineral Iodine, a key component in healthy blood cell haemoglobin and crucial to preventing Anaemia.
Fruits/Vegetables – The timeworn combo of Fruits & Veggies is always a part of any healthy diet, and most particularly in any Paleo. These are our main source of vitamins and minerals, from Vitamin A to the mineral Zinc. Moderation is advised for Dried Fruit however, as we don’t want to saturate our systems with too much sugar; otherwise, a smooth skin and clear eyesight is always the work of fruits and vegetables!
Nuts – Some call it a high-fat food source, and they would be right. However, these small finger-food snacks give a different type of fat: unsaturated fat. This type of fat is actually an integral part of the human metabolism, and promotes good nerve function and energy level, some even saying increases sexual libido.
So now you know what to put in your Paleo Diet! I hope that this food list for Paleo Diet has helped you in making your own dietary plan for you and your family, and for the better and healthier lifestyle it brings. Just remember that it is always up to you to decide what to eat, and being healthy in Paleo is a decision that is sure to bring life and happiness to you and your family.

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